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Internationally Recognized Company

Our plastic adventure, which started with wholesale in 1989, took the first step in plastic production in 1997, and with the increasing production capacity and number of customers over the years, our company took our place among the biggest wholesalers of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. We produce useful, ergonomic and quality products for your kitchens from polypropylene 1st class raw material with plastic injection method.

Our goal is to bring products produced in accordance with European standards with 100% original raw materials to wholesalers from all corners of the world at competitive prices. For this, we signed an important decision in 2018 and commissioned the factory in Turkmenistan. New ones are being added to our distributorships in European countries such as France and Italy every day. As of 2022, we continue to serve with approximately 200 molds and 135 kinds of kitchen and bathroom group products. Our target for 2025 is to have the world's largest production volume in plastic production. For this, all infrastructures are prepared in a planned manner.

BPA Free

All of our products do not contain BPA additives for health.

Iso 9001 - 22000

Our products have iso 9001 quality standart certificate

100 % Recyclable

All of our products are made of 100 % recyclable materials.

Product Analysis

Migration analyzes of our products are made by INTERTEK.